Business Design Workshop


One of main reasons why I joined Rotman was because of Business design. Rotman is an expert in this field.  Rotman Design works is a design consulting agency inside the Rotman building. They offer workshop on business design and I enrolled for the first workshop.

The whole saturday flew fast with hands on learning about the business design framework. We were doing empathy workshop for finding user needs, then brainstorming, then strategic planning and finally prototyping . We were given a business problem and we were solving it step by step throughout the day.

It was amazing how ideas flowed in when the brainstorming session was just for 2 mins with the restriction that nobody is supposed to negate ideas. Finally we build prototype of our solution. The problem statement was to improve business of an organic food retailer. Every team came up with innovative idea by the evening. Finally the top 3 ideas were presented. Our team was among the top 3.

The power of design thinking was very evident. We came in without any prep and in 7 hours we walked out with an innovative solution for a real world business problem.

Business Design bootcamp

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