Foundation term


Two words to describe it so far, “Absolutely Amazing”

I loved every bit of it and told my mom over phone, that it was the reason why I wanted to do an international MBA. Its not just learning its the learning experience.

But it was really an intense term with just 1 month timeframe. The 1st test was in 2nd week. The subjects were real foundations for an MBA, which were Managerial economics, Ethics, Decision making and Integrated modelling. Profs were amazing and especially Prof Avi. I became a big fan of him.

We were grouped into teams of 5 each and all of us were from different background. It was fantastic to work in diverse teams.

Just a week ago, I finished my exams for foundation term. And yes during the whole month I never slept more than 6.5 hrs. It was intense, but when you are excited to learn a lot of new things which are more practical in business sense, it doesn’t feel tiresome.

Now I know, when to apply game theory , how to use data to evaluate models and where use micro economics to solve business problems ethically.

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