Rotman Orientation day


It was a true orientation day,and I have never attended such orientations in my life. I was expecting that orientation will be boring and just explaining what I already know. But Rotman Orientation days were really insightful.

Prof Mihnea ran a session on Integrative thinking. All 350 of us were divided into groups of 5 each. The prof gave us some notes about a case study and we were supposed to solve it in 1 hour. It was brilliant experience when none of us had any experience of solving business problems. It was purely because of using common sense, our group came to a solution. After an hour , the prof reviewed all our solutions and made best teams to present on how and why they arrived at that solution. Then he walked through the process of Integrative thinking which is embedded in our coursework at Rotman. Then we grouped again and continued solving the case using what he taught us. ¬†The day was like a big workshop on Integrative thinking and didn’t feel like orientation.

We were solving business problems even before attending a single course. And that was an exciting experience.

By end of day Prof gave us valuable insights and then said “thats how you should think at Rotman”.

The next day was on networking. Again it was a group based workshop on Reciprocity ring , a concept that relies on human tendency to help. By end of workshop I believed in the power of networking. Prof ended the day with a note “that how you should network”.

Having learnt how to think and how to network , I was excited to step my foot into the first day at Rotman

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