Rotman pre MBA and Boot camp


When Rotman announced pre MBA, i was wondering if i should leave for Toronto that early.  I didn’t want to miss spending time with family , especially my second son who was just born.  I decided against attending all courses and joined only for the last week of sessions.

One highlight about the 1 week session that i loved was Voicing Yourself. It was provided by the Self development lab. The teacher was an actor and i was amazed how one can present well just based on voice. She taught us the techniques to enhance our communication during presentation.

Another best reason for me to attend the 9 AM session when i actually landed at Toronto just a day before in the noon, was my interest to meet other Rotmanites. I made lot of amazing friends in that 1 week.

Boot camp was the AMAZING part of the beginning. Every 2nd years I met advised us not to miss bootcamp as we will be working hard during foundation term. It was a 3 day camp to Winnieboge, a scenic lake side camp in the woods. The event kicked off with a fun trading game. Every club – finance, business design, marketing etc had organised one such event and it had fun part in it. Every day ended with an amazing theme party and every minute was lively.

There was lots of fun happening around, some went for a boat ride, some toppled off and I was enjoying soccer and few board games too.

A high energy well organised event that no nature lover should miss.

Rotman rocks



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