Clubs and Competitions, Rotman culture


When i applied for Rotman, I felt i could have got more info on clubs & competitions online. So this post is for you who would love to know what we do apart from classes

As you might have noticed I havent been blogging for a month. And yes it was because i was trying to balance club activities, competitions and mid term exams. So finally i found sometime today.

What all clubs i have registered :

Business technology group (BTG) ,Management Consulting club (MCA), Rotman Entrepreneurship and VC club(REVCA), South Asian Business Association (SABA), Business design club (BDC) and Negotiations club

Below are my perspectives of the clubs that I am part of Continue reading


Real cases and Real learning


In previous post i had mentioned about how in our accounting class we were dealing with live cases. Yesterday it went way ahead when we had 50 people from Credit risk division at Scotiabank who came in to guide us on a credit risk management case that they had prepared.

So whats all that about?

In accounting class we are analysing financial statements and figuring out the company performance. But i always thought how does this fit in a bigger picture? Because most of MBAs will not intend to practise as accountants. The credit risk management case from Scotiabank case was one answer i found. Continue reading

Real cases in classes


I am not sure how other schools handle cases in class, but Rotman mostly focuses on realtime cases. I love Accounting classes by prof.Dragan just for this.

Last tuesday, I had accounting class and the topic for discussion was around recognising revenues. Prof told us that Apple had released their quarterly financial statement on monday and asked us to look it up online. The whole session was browsing through each section of Apple’s financial statement and understanding it. It was an interesting case because Apple had mentioned that they had changed their accounting methodology slightly. And that change was on how they assessed “recognising revenues” for their new plan of free iOS.

The most interactive and immersive class so far has been Accounting.

Some of what generally happens in accounting class:

  • 3 mins social time where you talk to your classmates about what you learnt or how you solved something
  • soothing jazz/lounge music Continue reading