Real cases in classes


I am not sure how other schools handle cases in class, but Rotman mostly focuses on realtime cases. I love Accounting classes by prof.Dragan just for this.

Last tuesday, I had accounting class and the topic for discussion was around recognising revenues. Prof told us that Apple had released their quarterly financial statement on monday and asked us to look it up online. The whole session was browsing through each section of Apple’s financial statement and understanding it. It was an interesting case because Apple had mentioned that they had changed their accounting methodology slightly. And that change was on how they assessed “recognising revenues” for their new plan of free iOS.

The most interactive and immersive class so far has been Accounting.

Some of what generally happens in accounting class:

  • 3 mins social time where you talk to your classmates about what you learnt or how you solved something
  • soothing jazz/lounge music
  • live voting on some topic or how much we understood something, using iClicker
  • browse for 3 mins on the topic of discussion and talk to your classmates
  • change your seating location every class , so you socialise with many classmates

Speaking of real cases, I should also mention how our Prof Womack teaches us Finance. But thats for the next post. gotta prepare for the classes now

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