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When i applied for Rotman, I felt i could have got more info on clubs & competitions online. So this post is for you who would love to know what we do apart from classes

As you might have noticed I havent been blogging for a month. And yes it was because i was trying to balance club activities, competitions and mid term exams. So finally i found sometime today.

What all clubs i have registered :

Business technology group (BTG) ,Management Consulting club (MCA), Rotman Entrepreneurship and VC club(REVCA), South Asian Business Association (SABA), Business design club (BDC) and Negotiations club

Below are my perspectives of the clubs that I am part of

About MCA club: By far has the highest number of members not just because everyone wants to get into consulting but because of the activities. If you are trying to break into MC , then this club is your home. So far the club has

  • arranged industry sessions where consulting companies share their stories and clear your doubts on what is consulting, how exciting is a consultant’s life , and industry trends. People from McKinsey, BCG, ATKearney, Bain , CapitalOne, Capco,ZS Associates etc have come for lunch & learn session/industry night sessions to tell us about consulting (internal as well as external)
  • We had industry night 2 days ago where around 60 people from various consulting companies (alumni and non-alumni) came in for a networking session. We definitely made lot of contacts through these sessions
  • Arranged a professional mentor (ex McKinsey consultant) to train us on case preps
  • Running weekly case prep sessions and guiding us throughout

This is just “so far in 3 months” and i know there is more to come.

About REVCA:

My personal favourite and i can keep blogging about it for hours but then I have to finish my finance, accounting and statistics assignment; so making it short and sweet,

  • Speaker series where the first session was from 2 guys from Silicon Valley. One a VC guy and another an entrepreneur. I was fun and exciting to know the culture in Silicon valley and what the life of a VC and entrepreneur is like. Last week’s session was by exCEO of SecondCup (a big coffee chain in Canada) who is a serial entrepreneur and VC.
  • Startup Advisory service which i am part of and excited about where we are helping startups on problems they are facing. I am proud to be part of this pilot program and we are helping a startup in Toronto to productise their wearable tech. Learning and executing product/marketing/commercialisation strategy for a real problem is exciting
  • Startup hackathon: i have a post on that
  • Xtreme startup : Club has partnered with a fantastic startup accelerator in Toronto and few of my friends are helping our startups that are part of Xtreme startup program.
  • Drink & Pitch events: Yes as you might have guessed, we get together at our favourite bar , drink and pitch business ideas.
  • Amazing competitions: VC, New Venture etc (I will do a special post on my experience later)

About BTG:

  • Resume review sessions with industry people. Tech in CIBC had come to help us shape our resume
  • We had a cohesive networking event where 2nd years gave us tips on Tech job market in Toronto and what they did for Summer internship. It was really exciting to know how even people from non-tech background where able to get into tech summer internship jobs
  • Startup hackathon partnering with REVCA

BTW, REVCA & BTG are my personal favourites as I am passionate about entrepreneurship and technology

About SABA:

There is no where else i would have gone or celebrated Diwali if not for SABA’s Diwali party. Dancing to hindi songs and pushing our non-indian friends to dance like a pro bhangra was fun.

We had an industry night as well from SABA last week where we had south asian Rotman alumni who came in for a networking session. It was exciting to learn and connect with them over spicy indian food.


Most competitions are organised and facilitated by clubs. MCA had 2 competitions so far , one from ATKearney and another McKinsey. We worked on case provided by ATKearney for ATK Global prize competition and the club mentored us throughout. Our team ended up as semi-finalist but we are proud that few of our friends became North America regional winner and are taking part in their Global finals against LBS right now.

McKinsey case competition was exciting as it was about solving a live case on a startup. This competition has the highest number of participants year after year. And yes last year’s winner, also cracked McKinsey job interview and now has an offer.

There was a stock pitch competition organised by finance club, health care case competition is going on right now, risk management case comp is also due this weekend, marketing case comp starts next weekend, VC competition starts soon and New Venture competition is going on.

This competiton season has just begun and we have tons of competitions lined up from technology, marketing, finance, healthcare,entrepreneurship clubs

Final note: Who are all these people running this competitions, clubs and helping us????

the fantastic “2nd years”

There is a lot of cohesion , bonding, reciprocity and a tendency to help among students. As we are travelling in the same path as they did last year , they are helping us take right decisions. Should i focus on my GPA or on my competitons? hows strategy exam like? how to find summer internship jobs?  can you give me tips on resume? How do break into consulting? Can you introduce me to somebody at Rogers? Where do i find indian grocery store?

Anything from personal to professional they are there for us to help and YES we will have the same commitment next year.

And that’s our “Rotman Culture”

One thought on “Clubs and Competitions, Rotman culture

  1. Anitha

    Wow! So exciting and all so much fun! 🙂 And in spite of all this, you still have the patience and time to answer my queries on FB at midnight! Hats off! 🙂

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