Real cases and Real learning


In previous post i had mentioned about how in our accounting class we were dealing with live cases. Yesterday it went way ahead when we had 50 people from Credit risk division at Scotiabank who came in to guide us on a credit risk management case that they had prepared.

So whats all that about?

In accounting class we are analysing financial statements and figuring out the company performance. But i always thought how does this fit in a bigger picture? Because most of MBAs will not intend to practise as accountants. The credit risk management case from Scotiabank case was one answer i found.

The whole batch of 350 was divided into 50 teams and each of us were provided with the same case prepared by Scotiabank. It was a more realistic credit risk case where we were supposed to evaluate if as a bank, we should lend money to xyz. Each team had a guide who was from Scotiabank’s Credit risk team and we sat together solving the case in an hour. It was a fantastic experience to use what we learnt in strategy class, finance class and ofcourse accounting class to evaluate risk associated with lending money to xyz. We were doing industry analysis (from Strategy class) , doing financial statement evaluation (accounting) , looking at financial projections ( finance/accounting) and finally evaluating whether to lend or not. The Scotiabank mentor we had, really helped us structure the thought process and made us feel how in real world, credit risk evaluation is done.

I was amazed by the commitment of Scotiabank to Rotman as they brought around 50 people from their Credit risk team who were helping us in that workshop. That I think is the power of Rotman brand.

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