Happy new year buddies.  yeah I know its long time since I blogged , I went back home to India and spent a great time with my family during the December vacation. All that was possible because of my summer Internship offer which I got by Nov end.

The internship recruitment generally start around Jan , I was lucky to get it much earlier. Dec holidays is the time people spend preparing for interviews. So far , so good. Many companies came to campus last week. Number of finance and consulting firms and few tech and marketing jobs have been posted so far. This week, people are busy interviewing. I hope everyone hears a good news soon.

And during my dec holidays , I also did one good job. I answered , skyped few Rotman prospective candidates on their “why”, “how” and “ROI” questions. I thought it would be good if I consolidate them and post online. And so here it goes

by the way, these are my personal opinions. Talk to other Rotmanites to understand a holistic picture Continue reading