Happy new year buddies.  yeah I know its long time since I blogged , I went back home to India and spent a great time with my family during the December vacation. All that was possible because of my summer Internship offer which I got by Nov end.

The internship recruitment generally start around Jan , I was lucky to get it much earlier. Dec holidays is the time people spend preparing for interviews. So far , so good. Many companies came to campus last week. Number of finance and consulting firms and few tech and marketing jobs have been posted so far. This week, people are busy interviewing. I hope everyone hears a good news soon.

And during my dec holidays , I also did one good job. I answered , skyped few Rotman prospective candidates on their “why”, “how” and “ROI” questions. I thought it would be good if I consolidate them and post online. And so here it goes

by the way, these are my personal opinions. Talk to other Rotmanites to understand a holistic picture

I am so and so, GMAT xyz, Please let me know if I will be able to get into Rotman

Rotman emphasises a well rounded profile for their candidates. Not just work experience but as well as extra curricular, leadership, maturity, clarity of thought, gmat, life experiences.  As you might know there are lot many applying to Rotman, so if your application as a whole stands out of that crowd, you have better chances at getting in. My personal take is that everybody has unique experiences. So project that in your essays as to how unique you are. Also potraty a clarity of thought on why mba , why rotman in your essay. That will make your application succeed.

How does Business design help entrepreneurs? what kind of careers are in store for people focusing on Design thinking

In my perspective,  design thinking can be applied to most of business problems , as its an approach to solve a business problem with customer focus. For entrepreneurship, its principles align most with lean startup methodology.  So design thinking will definitely be good for a startup.

There are few firms like Bridgable, IDEO who are business design consulting firms. They exclusively require candidates with business design skills. 2 schools which are known for business design are Rotman and Stanford. There are few big companies in Toronto which use business design in their innovation team and those people I know of are Rotman alumni.

Why did you choose Canada over US

If I do my MBA in US , I would have landed in a job etc and got H1B valid for 10 yr max(now I heard its more around 5-7 yrs). I know that there is a huge list and a lottery which decides if I can get a Green card. So thinking about settling in US is scary. Even if I buy a home, I will have a doubt if my H1B will get extended or not. Moreover considering US debt, economy as a whole and changing economic landscape in the world , its better not to choose a highly uncertain future.

In Canada,  I will pay almost same tax as in US but my kid’s education will be free till college. I will get a work permit for 3 years and by then I will be eligible to apply for PR. Health insurance is free. There is no fear of mad gun shooting in any shopping mall.  The community is inclusive and they treat foreigners equally. In fact Canadians can’t tell if I am an Indian or Canadian, as there are lots of Indo Canadians. No discrimination. PERIOD

Do you think such high fees gives a good ROI. Can I trust the numbers in the MBA brochure?

This will be the most important investment you make. When I was in that stage last year, I didnt really bother about placement numbers in brochure. Its my money that I am investing , so did a research on what type of job market is in Canada. In worst case, what job can I get? how much will that worst case job pay me? Can Rotman really help me turn my dreams to become entrepreneur into reality?  Whats the average job /salary I will get if I didnt try hard? Whats the best job/salary I will get if I worked hard?   I researched in intuit.ca, monsterjobs.ca, glassdoor.com etc

Then I talked to a student ambassador who gave me insights on Rotman culture, Technology job market etc. That’s when I decided whether my Rotman MBA was worth the risk.

So if you are talking about ROI, my best advice “Right now, you should plan what you will be doing everyday in those 2 years and whom you will be networking with”

I accepted Rotman offer. Any advises before attending school?

Read “Never eat alone”. If you want to get into Consulting read about “Case interviews”. If Finance sector, start your CFA prep right now and better finish level 1 before you start MBA.

Read our ex-dean Roger Martin’s books on business design and Integrative thinking.

Read “HBR guide to persuasive presentations”

And above all, start a whatsapp group or join Rotman facebook group and build friendship with your batch mates who will be joining Rotman with you. Share experiences and help each other through the visa process, house hunting etc because that’s the culture you are getting into when you join Rotman.  Help people , make friends

How is the Tech industry in Toronto. Can I become a product manager in Amazon?

From what I found from reading and talking to people in Tech industry, there are not lot many big tech company jobs in Toronto. As is if you are looking for product manager role in Google, Amazon, Toronto is not the place. Given its small population, these companies have a small division in Toronto which focuses mainly on marketing and sales. So if you have marketing experience then there is a good chance if you try hard. Only companies that have huge dev centres might have roles like product manager . But Facebook has one in waterloo, IBM has one in Toronto. So still there is chance. I know of Rotman alumni who got into Salesforce.com after his MBA.

Is that all? NO. Toronto, as I have seen has a big startup community. I am not talking about small startups run out of garage but well funded startups which are doing good and in their beginning of growth phase. Few Rotman alumni have joined startups in position such as Product strategust , Bus dev managers. 

Is that all? Not at all. As you know Toronto being the financial capital has lot of banks. Rotman has good connections with banks and brings lot of them to campus for tech roles as well. RBC, CIBC, TD are few that recruit for their PMO/ Tech roles at Rotman. I have heard these banks pay really well. If you are from Finance Industry like me and have a prejudice that Tech in finance industry is cut throat, please change your mind. The work culture in Toronto is way different from NYK/Asia (where I worked). Its truly a good work culture and people enforce work life balance.

Finally there are number of tech consulting companies such as Deloitte, PWC, Ernst & Young, Infosys which come to campus.


I am yet to post a fantastic post on “Entrepreneurship at Rotman”. I wanted to finish our “New venture competition” which is due by Feb 1 week and then blog my overall experience.


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