Got into Rotman, now what?


I have had few chats, emails from the admitted batch of International students . Thought I would share my perspective

I have been admitted. As an International student what should I be prepared for?
Congrats. Welcome to Rotman.
One common pitfall is that international students dont research well about the job market. Focus on what you wanted to do after MBA and start researching in Canadian jobsites on where is the right job, pay, market size etc.
Some people think that 2 yrs is a good time to decide what to do. That I see as completely wrong in our context. Canadian job market is small compared to US, also your peers are highly competitive as well. So if one isn’t focused on what you want to do, they will feel lost during intern-ship season.
Canada is conservative and greatly values your background experiences. The work culture is more autonomous and hence they expect you to work from day 1 without any coaching. Hence they value your background a lot. If your resume isn’t having relevant background, one wont get an interview call unless somehow you prove that you have got that skills ( winning in case competitions, publishing papers/reports etc).
All the best. This is the time to focus before you start the run.
Tools for beginning your fast paced Rotman life

1. If you wanted to get into Consulting, read about cracking case interviews. Atleast know what it is

2. If finance is your goal, you should be reading for your CFA level 1 right now

3. All other job functions, do relevant work regarding the fields you wanted to explore ( I read books on Behavioral economics, Consumer behavior before I started MBA)

4. Definitely read books on presentation skills. I would suggest “HBR guide to persuasive presentation”, our finance prof Womack suggested “Presentation Zen” ( i havent read this yet)

5. Do read this slide a summary of book “Startup of you” by LinkedIn co-founder. This will help you plan your 2 yrs of Rotman life & future.

Again all the best buddies. Get ready for the most exciting 2 yrs of your life. You will go through great success, awful failures, less sleep, frequently confused state, “why am i here?” thoughts. But all in all you will enjoy every bit of that.

Welcome Rotmanites


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