Elective courses at Rotman


Elective courses

Elective course selection is a bidding process. This is same across most MBA. few elective courses are application based.  For example there are global consulting projects (where you work on a problem statement defined by a company mostly located outside Canada), Independent study project (where you work with professors on consulting engagements), and the best of all newly introduced this year is the Board of directors program ( where you will be serving in the board of a non-profit during the course).I applied for the board of directors program, got interviewed but sadly didn’t get it. But my friend who got it , said that it was a fantastic experience.

Elective courses are offered over summer and winter break as well as intesive format. You get to complete a course in 2 weeks. It might sound easy but its almost 8 hours everyday class on same topic with assignments (where you will spend rest of your day’s time -if you have). So its truly intensive.

I took 2 intensive courses because i knew i will be continuing at P&G part time. Also i wanted less course load in sep as my club activities get busier and on-campus job search kicks in. So when i started in sep 2014, i had just 3 courses (2 hrs on monday, 2 hrs on tuesday and 2 hrs on friday). P&G was really supportive of my course load and let me work during my own schedule.That’s how you make it possible to spend time with kids, attend classes, work part time and run a club.


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