Creative destruction lab at Rotman


Sums up all that I wanted to write about CDL. Excited to apply for this course in my 2 yr and eagerly waiting.





Happy new year buddies.  yeah I know its long time since I blogged , I went back home to India and spent a great time with my family during the December vacation. All that was possible because of my summer Internship offer which I got by Nov end.

The internship recruitment generally start around Jan , I was lucky to get it much earlier. Dec holidays is the time people spend preparing for interviews. So far , so good. Many companies came to campus last week. Number of finance and consulting firms and few tech and marketing jobs have been posted so far. This week, people are busy interviewing. I hope everyone hears a good news soon.

And during my dec holidays , I also did one good job. I answered , skyped few Rotman prospective candidates on their “why”, “how” and “ROI” questions. I thought it would be good if I consolidate them and post online. And so here it goes

by the way, these are my personal opinions. Talk to other Rotmanites to understand a holistic picture Continue reading

25% MBA is done, What have I Learnt so far ?


Time flies really quick when you do an MBA. A crazy, hectic 4 months in my life and I enjoyed every bit of craziness, ups and downs that it gave me. Yes, we are done with our first term final exam as of yesterday.

I wanted to summarise all that I learnt so far.

Integrative thinking @ Rotman

Rotman is known for Integrative thinking and a well integrated curriculum. That was reflected in each and every class that I attended.  For example, we had a whole day solving a case for 2 courses in foundation term (Data modeling and Model based decision making). That was one of our assignments in Foundation term. But in our first term, we had “Statistics for managers” which took the same case and showed how to solve the case using statistical tools. It was interesting to learn that, the same problem that you solved few months ago could be solved in a better way using stats. Continue reading

MBA games 2014


Almost forgot to blog this.  Our school is participating in MBA games 2014 and Rotmanites did this video

Please “Like” this video in Youtube.  Highest number of “Likes” wins the MBA videos challenge.

Watch out for our AWESOME Prof Womack (teaches Finance) in the video. more about him in future post 😉




Rotman dean


Rotman Dean

Our new dean was announced yesterday.

Excited to see what he will be doing to enrich the Rotman experience. The school had a board which was “looking for” dean for quite sometime and finally they found the best.

I was surprised to know that few 2nd years students were also part of the board. Cool right?!! Students choosing their dean.

All of us are gearing up for the term exams (in 2 weeks) and i will be blogging about “Entrepreneurship @ Rotman” in the next post

Clubs and Competitions, Rotman culture


When i applied for Rotman, I felt i could have got more info on clubs & competitions online. So this post is for you who would love to know what we do apart from classes

As you might have noticed I havent been blogging for a month. And yes it was because i was trying to balance club activities, competitions and mid term exams. So finally i found sometime today.

What all clubs i have registered :

Business technology group (BTG) ,Management Consulting club (MCA), Rotman Entrepreneurship and VC club(REVCA), South Asian Business Association (SABA), Business design club (BDC) and Negotiations club

Below are my perspectives of the clubs that I am part of Continue reading

Real cases and Real learning


In previous post i had mentioned about how in our accounting class we were dealing with live cases. Yesterday it went way ahead when we had 50 people from Credit risk division at Scotiabank who came in to guide us on a credit risk management case that they had prepared.

So whats all that about?

In accounting class we are analysing financial statements and figuring out the company performance. But i always thought how does this fit in a bigger picture? Because most of MBAs will not intend to practise as accountants. The credit risk management case from Scotiabank case was one answer i found. Continue reading