Our new Dean


Our new Dean  : Interview by our new dean.

I am excited to see all the changes our new dean will bring to campus. Will he push Rotman to the next level


My Interview with MBACrystalBall


My Interview with MBACrystalBall

When i started exploring my MBA options, i read blogs and interviews from MBACrystalBall.com MBA Admission consultants. It was definitely helpful for me in arriving at my decision. I am now excited to give an interview to them about my view about Rotman.

I hope this interview helps MBA aspirants.

Capstone project- the best learning so far


And I am back!. Toronto looks really beautiful. Watching black and white colors of nature like in 1940s  movies for past several months, it feels bliss to see colorful Toronto. I have been told that this was the worst and longest winter in past 20 years. And that feels encouraging because it means it cant get worse than this.

See that for yourself. view outside my window ( and that building nearby is Robarts Library)


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